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Quickly Connect with a Top Expert Through a (Blinded) Live Teleconference

What Is the Value of Noetic Live?

Two-Way Conversations

Get more in-depth discussions and detailed answers to your question.

Rapid Dialogue

No planning required, unlike ad boards or qualitative studies; have a dialogue with experts right away.

Direct Access

Get direct contact with the top experts.

"The team at NoeticInsight is top-notch. They make it very easy, they’re extremely competent, and they understand the best ways to engage our panels and how to pose questions to elicit the best responses, even when language barriers are at play."

Sr. Global Director of Medical Affairs, Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company

Noetic Live Enables Teams to:

TPP Evaluation.
Analyze, refine, and test positioning and messaging.
Define unmet needs and life cycle opportunities.
Gain rapid feedback on clinical trial development and desired outcomes.

Our Process

Step 1

Input question(s) in the portal

Step 2

Attach abstract slides for reference

Step 3

Quickly receive blinded expert responses!


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