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Stacie Coates

SVP, Managing Director, Accounts

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Working with NoeticInsight™ for the past 4 years has been an amazing experience I have had the opportunity to provide streamlined solutions to our pharmaceutical clients, including former colleagues, by connecting them to their KOLs in every disease space. NoeticInsight™ allows me to use my skills and knowledge from 20+ years in the pharmaceutical space to help my customers achieve their goals. Simply put, our innovative approach really makes a difference for our clients. We have the most genuine, driven, and passionate team members—an amazing crew—whom I am honored to work with every day.

– Stacie Coates

Mark Doolan

SVP, Managing Director, Business Development

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As the SVP, Managing Director, and leader of the Strategic Business Development team my success stems from the innovative and rapid actionable insights that the NoeticInsight™ platform extends to numerous clients, accelerating their business objectives and successes. I’ve spent most of my career with Pfizer and bring experience from the client perspective while leveraging Commercial, Medical, Market Research, and Commercial Insights C-suite partner expertise—having collaborated on 40+ US and global launches across multiple therapeutic areas. Through documented success on both the brand and agency sides, I use my unique perspective to facilitate strong cross-functional team collaboration.

– Mark Doolan

Jill Goldberg

Executive Director, Business Development

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I have spent 25 years in Commercial Sales and Sales Leadership roles in both pharma and agency settings. My experience and passion enable me to transform business challenges into actionable, result-oriented solutions for our clients. At NoeticInsight™, I work closely with my clients to understand their needs/challenges and provide them with access to their key thought leaders in real time, to answer their most pressing questions. My clients look to ensure the best possible patient outcomes and I love working with them every day to deliver targeted insights that can better inform their decisions and next best actions towards our goals.

– Jill Goldberg

Jeff Perlman

SVP, Business Development

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I bring 25 years of experience from Commercial Leadership and Marketing roles at Novartis Oncology. At NoeticInsight™, I use my expertise to help both the Commercial and Medical teams to gain crucial, on-demand access from their experts. through our innovative portal via text-based discussions or live teleconferences. I support my partners take this information from their experts and build refined strategies to address their needs. This level of personalized support is something I wish I had in my 30 years at Novartis Oncology.

– Jeff Perlman

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